The Oval Office is Claimed

America Rises Against Trump: Post Inauguration


Maria Hudson

“Is anyone else absolutely sickened by what they are watching?” asks model Chrissy Teigen.

If it wasn’t made clear before, it is to be made clear now. Millions were and have been sickened since Friday’s swearing-in of the new President of the United States. In fact, people all over the world have been hitting the streets to protest and stand for American rights.

Women in particular have been extremely physical as well as verbal in the name of their rights and in the name of equality. They have been leading mass unprecedented protests spanning miles upon miles of public roads and parks in everywhere from Britain to France to South Africa. Many Americans are in a state of fury, sadness and fear.

But with such strong tensions and emotions becoming prominent amongst the masses right now, also comes great passion.

Actress Ashley Judd can only describe the new president as “Hitler renamed,” in her recent speech in protest to the inauguration.

It seems that while the transition of Trump into the White House is now official, people everywhere still have no desire to quiet down and succumb to total acceptance. While there are people who indeed support President Trump, there are those who do not, and today they speak. They riot. They fight.