Review For Battlefield 1

“Possibly the best FPS on the current market”


Hayden Essley

If you, yes you the reader, are looking for a brand new first-person shooter experience, look no further than “Battlefield 1”.

“Battlefield 1” is a part of the long first-person shooter franchise, “Battlefield”, with this being one of many installments within the franchise, even though it’s titled with the number one. The creator of the game, Electronic Arts, or EA, have helped other smaller companies create and develop new games in well-known and worldwide renown gaming franchises, such as the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series and the Titanfall series.

The original developer, and the company to credit for the success of “Battlefield 1”, is the game company DICE. DICE was the original founder of the “Battlefield” series that has made millions and has pleasured all types of people around the world.  

“Battlefield 1” is set within the mud, blood, and guts of World War One, with you crawling through the trenches and assaulting various objectives across the world, whether it be with the British Empire defending their lines against the German Empire, or in the Italian Alps avenging a humiliating defeat and fighting for honor against the Austro-Hungarian troops. You’re able to fight alongside these forces with accurate weapons and uniforms of the armies and countries.  

“Battlefield 1’s” single player campaign is not one of which you follow the story of just one soldier, you follow many stories. You are able to fight as a tank crew member on the Western front, or you can take to the skies as a rogue pilot, disobeying orders but ends up becoming a hero or a resistance fighter in the Middle East, fighting alongside the mysterious but heroic Lawrence of Arabia, attempting to crush the Ottoman Empire’s control over the land, as well as their oil and more.

You will have an absolute blast playing the campaign, and you feel like you were actually there, fighting alongside your comrades in one of the bloodiest wars that was to ever exist and to cross this globe.

The multiplayer in “Battlefield 1” is equally as great as the single player. You have many different game modes to play, such as Operations or Grand Operations, which is where you attack or defend against wave upon wave of other players, trying to hold a certain sector of the map or the classic Battlefield gamemode, Conquest, where your team tries to capture and control all points littered across the map. There’s a whole truckload more modes to play.

Once you decide to get on one of these many game modes, you have four classes you can play that each have their advantages and disadvantages, but if you get into a squad with all four, your team and squad could be devastating towards the opposing team.

You can play as Assault, which excels in vehicular destruction and close quarters combat, with weapons varying from submachine guns to shotguns from that era in time. You can play as Medic, which is great for reviving teammates from their death and heal them back up to tip-top shape, and uses self-loading/semi-automatic rifles that are good for medium range. You can play as Support, where you can resupply teammates with ammunition and provide suppressive fire with your light machine gun to help your teammates conquer the battlefield. And finally, you can play as Scout, where you can pick off enemies from long range, or you can grab a regular bolt-action rifle for that classic World War One experience

Personally, my favorite is the Medic class, but there is a perfect class waiting for you that quenches the desire for your playstyle.

Overall, “Battlefield 1” is a great next generation first person shooter. If you are looking for an authentic World War themed shooter just to have fun by yourself or with others, then look no further than “Battlefield 1”.