Cat’s Hair Recipes

Continuation of The Flash story in second magazine, Outside the Box.

Ashley Hay

Cat Rogers is featured in the second issue of the Flash for their spectacular all-natural hair dyes. Interested in learning about some of their other recipes? Here are a few more colors below.

For red hair, Rogers pureés a beet and a handful of strawberries before straining them. To pureé them, they blend these foods into a food processor until the mixture is smooth, which usually takes a couple of minutes. Then, they’ll add protein powder to counter the acidity in the formula and rose extract to prevent it from making hair too oily. For a deeper red, Cat will sometimes include henna powder and dyeing mud.

Orange hair dye requires a slightly different process. After simmering a pot of water, Cat puts in about a tablespoon of turmeric, which immediately turns the water yellow. However, to make this orange, pureéd beets are strained and added. Once this is all combined, Cat adds henna mud, rose extract, and a dash of olive oil.

Green hair requires about two cups of fresh spinach leaves to simmer in a pan of water until they wilt. Immediately after, rose extract is added and the whole mixture is blended together. After this, protein powder, lemon juice, and honey are all added, too.

Remember to be careful when mixing your dyes! Best of luck to anyone trying this alternative method of hair dye.