Galaxy Note 7 Exploding On Release

Samsung’s flagship device goes down in flames.


Justin Angellar

When Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 released worldwide, it was met with shining critic reviews praising its power and sleek design. The price was $850 for the new phone, and it was happily purchased by many Galaxy fans. Sales and customer satisfaction were looking great for Samsung until disaster struck.

When the first phone went up in flames it gathered attention from the world, but was seen as a freak accident rather than a flaw with the phone. It only became a serious issue when the second phone combusted, causing mass panic upon those who purchased it. When it was found that every phone was released with a faulty battery, Samsung officially ordered a complete recall of all Galaxy Note 7’s shortly after.

Samsung’s stock immediately nosedived after their flagship device was deemed unsafe for public use. Amidst the panic, Samsung is struggling to find a way to settle down those who had already purchased the phone.

If you return your Note 7 at any realtor, you will now receive a hundred dollars courtesy of Samsung as compensation for selling a faulty phone. Despite this, some loyal Samsung users decided they were willing to run the risk in order to use the phone.

Even though the phone could combust seemingly at any time, some users are still using the device despite Samsung’s wishes. However, with every day that passes, there seems to be less and less reasons to own a Note 7.

For example, it is now a federal crime to bring a Note 7 onto an airplane. Those who violate this law will be met with a $179,933 fine. There are many other laws like this that prevent having the device in public places because of its explosive tendencies.

It is clear that in the future more caution and testing will be exercised by companies that manufacture these devices. The embarrassing failure of the Galaxy Note 7 serves as a prime example of why thorough product testing is important, especially for devices we have on us at all times. What was supposed to be a smooth release of a popular phone has become a chaotic frenzy of damage control, leaving Samsung scrambling to save face in the eyes of millions of angry customers.

There is currently no official news on a release date for a working version of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7.