Hillary Clinton’s Medical Hailstorm

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Hillary Clinton’s Medical Hailstorm

Maria Hudson

“We’re sick in Cedar Rapids!”

Perhaps this is a better, more accurate line for Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton to be opening with under her current circumstances. Over the past couple years, especially with the presidential campaign in full swing, critics have begun speaking out about their concerns for Clinton’s health.

Rumors spread across the media like a hailstorm, attacking and questioning Clinton for her appearance, claiming she looked very sick. In some campaign videos, her eyes could be seen pointing different directions for noticeable periods of time. People around her were discovered to be having no reaction to her jerky movements and strange eye problems. Photos and videos of these findings became very prominent on the internet and Clinton herself even had a couple removed from the internet to cover what was going on.

In late September, dragging into early October, Barack Obama expressed his major concerns for her quality of health, offering her secret medical check-ups so as to ensure she was okay. Clinton denied his offer, and has since chosen to attend the New York Presbyterian Hospital in an attempt to be completely sheltered from the media over her personal health condition.

In truth, Clinton has suffered from blood clots to the brain caused from a concussion, and she is currently suffering from arrhythmia (an abnormal heartbeat), significantly low blood pressure, a leaking heart valve, and insufficient blood flow. These problems put her at risk of serious, life-threatening blood clots which could pose problems concerning the presidential debates and later on the election.

Private doctors have prescribed a blood thinner called Coumadin to Clinton, as well as a “beta blocker” that will hopefully help keep these blood and heart issues under control so that she can continue on with the campaign.