Kardashion Robbed

Celebrity Kim K in danger in “city of lights.”

Justin Angellar

Kanye West was mid-performance in New York when he abruptly was rushed off the stage, much to the audience’s dismay. Kanye gave the vague explanation that there had been a “family emergency,” and that he needed to stop the show.

The family emergency was later confirmed to be that Kim Kardashian had been robbed in her Paris hotel room at gunpoint. The thieves made off with an estimated ten million dollar haul worth of jewels. But how did they get access to her room?

While dressed as police officers, the five robbers found out which hotel room she was in by pretending to be extra security. Then, once they were alone with the concierge they handcuffed him and held him at gunpoint while he led them to her room.

“Kim told the police that the concierge was handcuffed, and present- during the entire incident,” said a source involved in the investigation. Once the concierge unlocked the hotel room the robbers rushed in and held Kim at gunpoint. They then locked her in the bathroom while they made off with the jewelry.

There are many odd points in the story that are causing people to question the legitimacy of the robbery. For one, the lack of cameras in a luxury hotel is certainly raising eyebrows among investigators.

“It is especially strange that a hotel where celebrities stay does not have security cameras,” said Investigator Patricia E. D’Orsa-Dijamco.

Another point of confusion is the lack of a bodyguard protecting millions of dollars worth of jewelry. It is hard to find Kim without a bodyguard somewhere around her, so it is hard to understand why there wouldn’t be at least one outside of her room when there was so much money at stake.

Regardless of these questionable sections of Kim’s story, she received very much support during this time. Currently, she is safely back in her New York home with Kanye and their kids while the search for the criminals involved goes on.