Welcome Home Rocklin

Rocklin High hosts another homecoming week with the theme being board games.

Emma Conway

The tradition of homecoming started as far back as the early 1900’s. For Rocklin High School, founded in 1993, homecoming is something the students remember for the rest of their lives. Mr Thompson, who has been around for every homecoming, has lots of stories to share and facts to give. His main philosophy about the subject is being that it is not about a dance, it is not about a game, it is about bringing everyone together and making them feel that they are a part of this school.

Rocklin’s homecoming is made up of several events. The rally, spirit week, lunch activities, float construction, football game and dance. Mr. Thompson has very interesting thoughts about all of these events.

“All the components that make up homecoming, are not even half of what it is about. We have one purpose and one purpose only. To connect the students to the campus in a positive way,” explains Thompson.

Mr. Thompson does not view homecoming as a Rocklin high school event, but sees it as a Rocklin community event.

Rocklin’s homecoming actually did not start until 1996, and was titled “Up and Coming” due to the lack of students and the fact that traditions had not been set at the school yet. Homecoming then became their most attended dance, and is expected to bring in over 1,200 students this school year. Rocklin High School puts everything they have into making this the biggest event of the year, with their budget being more than $750.  

Mr. Thompson, who has been here since the very beginning, has experienced homecoming every year they have had it, and loved every single one. His favorite themes are a recurring Disney theme and a medieval times theme. His favorite part of homecoming, however, is not an event. He spoke of a moment that has stayed with him forever and he will remember even on his deathbed. One year, he saw two girls jumping up and down, genuinely excited to be at this school, and to be experiencing homecoming and being a part of the festivities. He says this is one of the most gratifying experiences of his whole career.

“What we try to do is create a memorable experience and seeing that what we do had an impact on them, still makes me proud to this day,” says Thompson.

The homecoming theme for this year is “Boardcoming,” where each class has a different board game. Float construction starts Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and will continue until Thursday. Dance tickets will be going on sale September 28th for $12 with an ASB card and $15 without.

All week long, dress-up days will be happening as well. Monday’s theme is pajama day, or you can wear all white. On Tuesday you can dress up as an Olympian or dress in red colors. Wednesday, dress as what you hope will be your future career, or dress in grey. Thursday, dress in camo or all black. Finally, on Friday, it is a spirit day so make sure to dress in all your blue rocklin gear!

Rocklin High School has been doing homecoming for many years, each year the school improves and grows as a whole. The idea of homecoming is a longstanding tradition for schools everywhere, but for students at Rocklin High School, homecoming is something that involves the whole community, and makes everyone feel that this is their home.