iPhone 7 Controversy

New iPhone Shocks Apple Fans.


Ricky Freeman

Apple is a leading innovator in the technology based world we live in today. In 2001, Apple introduced the iPod, changing the way people listened to music, ultimately a huge success. Then in 2007, Apple released the iPhone, one of the first in the technology industry to create a smartphone with multi-touch interface.

Apple’s newest innovation, the iPhone 7, has been stirring up controversy since its announcement. However, Apple consumers are divided on whether or not they want to upgrade to the 7 at all. While it has a dual camera, more memory, water resistance and a better processor, it is more expensive, has no major upgrades, and could have major changes coming in the future for the iPhone’s 10th anniversary.

Junior Logan Green has already preordered the iPhone 7.

“I’m excited for the release and I can’t wait to upgrade,” he said. “The new features i’m hyped for are the dual camera and definitely the screen. They added color and brightness. It’s higher detail and better quality than other new phones.”

Although he is excited for the new features, Logan is skeptical about some of the changes Apple is implementing.

“It’s not worth it removing the auxiliary port. It’s going to more difficult connecting things to the iPhone because there’s only a usb port and requires an adapter to plug in different types of cords,” Logan explained. “And the phone isn’t even completely waterproof like newer Samsung devices.”

Perhaps the hype is an inaccurate display of consumers’ true feelings, as sales show that the iPhone 7 has sold less than any previous iPhone product at release. That isn’t to say that Apple is losing it’s core fan base, however. People just seem to be unsure of the changes.

Taking into account people’s feedback, it’s impossible to be certain if these innovations will last but one thing is certain; technology is always evolving.