Your Story, Your School: Giselle Killian

Your Story, Your School: Giselle Killian

Allison McCrary

Our practices are usually two hours long if there is a football game. We practice everyday after school, along with Thursday and Friday’s hour long morning practices. We have so many practices to ensure we have the routine memorized and in sync

My favorite dance move is when we all get into a giant row and do a kickline. I love the kickline because of the adrenaline it pumps through me. When we do the kickline, the student section goes crazy, making it literally sound like a storm is going on. As a result, every time my leg goes up into the kick, I get more and more energy and spirit.

I joined dance team because I have a passion for dance. I started dancing when I was three and I have loved it for as long as I can remember. I will never forget the first time I saw the dance team perform. Since then, I have looked up to the members of the dance team as examples to me. Another reason I joined dance team is because I thought it would be a good high school experience that would get me involved and allow me to meet new people.

What being on dance team means to me is  being an example to others. As I have already said, when I was little I looked up the to the members of the dance team. By being on the dance team, I am able to be an example  to little kids with my same childhood dream. Through this I am also an example to the student body as an RHS athlete. This means that I must always be on my best behavior.

To prepare for a performance we like to bond as a team. Before any show or performance, our whole team gets together and we have a team dinner to bring us together. Also, our amazing coaches usually get us a treat like Dutch Bros along with the team dinner. Another thing I do before I perform is I run the dance number through my head and practice it to ensure I won’t forget it when we march onto the field.