Prep Test Problems

Justin Angellar

In the midst of an already busy week at Rocklin High known none other than homecoming week, the sophomores face an added worry that is the PSAT.

The SAT is an important rite of passage for most college-bound students at Rocklin High School. Students have always been able to relieve some stress by preparing for this notorious test by taking an optional practice test before it, commonly known as the PSAT. The tradition of the PSAT, however, has changed for this school year, and the impact on the students and teachers here at RHS is significant.

Previously, the PSAT was offered on both Wednesday and Saturday for students who did not want to lose their class time. However, this year, the test will only be administered on Wednesday, Oct. 14 at 8:00 am at the Rocklin Event Center. More than 100 students are now forced to use class time for a chance to prepare for one of the most important tests they will ever take.

To further the troubles of the new PSAT schedule, the only possible day to take it lands on homecoming week. All the stress obtained from homecoming compiled together with the PSAT makes a very heavy week for some students. While students pick out dresses and suits, find dates and make plans they also have to study for an extremely important test.

“The impact to the school is even greater,” said Mrs. Amber Tillery.

Teachers that have volunteered as test proctors in previous years are no longer able to because they will be teaching. Some teachers have been administering these tests for years are deeply ingrained into the culture of the PSAT. Students taking the test this year won’t be met with the familiar faces of their teachers.

Not only does this batch of students have it different from all the years before, but all the years after as well. It is anticipated that next year the schedule for the practice test will return to normal. It seems that people that want to prepare for their SAT this year are caught in an unlucky situation.

The SAT carries a lot of importance, as it is one of the prime factors considered in the college admissions process. The change of schedule for this year proves a challenge for both the administration and students involved. Despite the change, many students are still signed up for the test and will not pass up a chance to prepare for their future.