Not your average Marvel super hero movie

Instead of lasers and superstrength, Shang Chi depicts a classic chinese martial arts style with some superhuman twists.


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Marvel Studios

“Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” is a Marvel superhero movie, but almost seems like it’s filmed in a different universe. The main character, Shang-Chi, fights a dragon in the final scene of the film. I just didn’t see him fighting alongside Spiderman and the Hulk.
As well as seemingly not fitting the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe, the movie was a little boring at certain parts. The fight scenes were not as engaging as they could be, I noticed that some of the hard work and choreography were lost due to the extreme camera movement and special effects.
Even with these critiques I think the movie was really interesting overall and the story was easy to follow. When I finished watching the movie, I was left wanting a part two and more of the story as a whole. I would recommend this movie to a friend that enjoys watching action movies.
Sophomore Jordan Clarke thought that “it was a good movie by movie standards, but by Marvel standards it showed low production quality.” He thought the movie “looked like it was made by a different studio with a lower budget.”
After saying that, Clarke agreed that the overall story was “easy to follow, interesting and overall a 7/10.” I agreed with him and said that it was a good story with a few parts that were less fun to watch, but overall a movie I’d recommend to my friends.