A Missing Digital Art Teacher

A group of digital art III students talk about what it is like to be in a journalism production class as digital artists at Rocklin High.


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Photo Courtesy of Eliana Rubinstein

“This is the third year of a class, this should be the end of our pathway, we should be experts in our field, but I feel like I know less than I did freshman year,” said ​​Delia Kitzmann, a junior, in Rocklin High School’s digital art III class. The current digital art III class is instructed by Mr. Joshua Rubenstein, the media production teacher at Rocklin High School.

In the last two weeks of the 2018-2019 school year, Ms. Tacket informed her students that she was retiring and would not be returning to teach digital art the next year. Temporarily Mr. Hewson took over the class. Serving only as a substitute, he was unable to teach the class a second year.

With no other place to go, Mr. Rubenstein volunteered to combine the digital art students with his other media classes. With Two classes going on at once, the digital art students don’t get his full attention.

“[It’s] a little unorganized because he is trying to teach 2 classes at once, but he’s figuring it out,” said upperclassman Mason Dunievitz.

Most of the class time is taken up with independent work. There is very little instruction from Mr. Rubenstein, because he has to put his attention on the classes that he planned on teaching

Vivian Mora said, “I would be happy if I could get just one adobe lesson this school year.”

Even though this year is very different from the way digital art III usually goes, Alexia Zhilovskiy, Junior said, “[I’m] still happy to complete this CTE pathway so that I can get credit that a college will see, and a future job will look at.”

She plans on becoming a storyboard artist after highschool, and thinks this CTE pathway will be useful on her resume. “Even if I have no idea what I’m doing,” she says, “my job will think I know and will hire me.”