Cybersecurity I: What you need to know

Learn more about the entry level CTE course that offers college credit

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March 1, 2021
Photo courtesy of Sierra Janson

Photo courtesy of Sierra Janson

Cybersecurity is just one of the many unusual Career Technical Education (CTE) courses offered at Rocklin High School. While the course is essentially available to all students (though it’s recommended to have taken a middle school computer science course or Exploring Computer Science), it’s a dual enrollment course with Sierra College that offers the opportunity for even freshmen to get college credit.

“The Cybersecurity class is a class that everybody should take…” 

Completing the course also gives students the opportunity to gain a CompTIA IT Fundamentals Plus certification, a pre-career computer science certification. The class is also a starting point for students who may be interested in pursuing the IT Essentials course pathway or joining the more advanced Cybersecurity Club which participates in CyberPatriot (an Air Force associated cyber defense competition) and National Cyber League (a highly advanced college-level competition).

Mr. Paul Werner, an RHS computer science teacher, describes the class as “for students who are coming into Rocklin High School who are a little more advanced and looking for something challenging. Maybe they already had some computer science at the middle school level and they’re looking at doing more Python and physical computing, some cybersecurity. We definitely have some cybersecurity training and competition.”

Additionally, Cybersecurity remains an entry-level course with no prerequisites, making it a great opportunity for beginners who want advanced computer science experience.

The main goal of the class isn’t just learning about programming though, it’s more about having students really consider what they’re putting on the internet and teaching them how to reduce their digital footprint. Former Cybersecurity student and sophomore Sierra Janson expressed that:

“The Cybersecurity class is a class that everybody should take… Reducing your digital footprint and making sure that you’re not putting something out there that could damage your future career, this is really important information I think everybody needs to know.”

Janson strongly believes that all students should learn these skills to protect themselves and future generations as technology continues to grow and more and more information ends up online where we’re vulnerable to cyber attacks, “As we grow older and generations become more involved with technology, cybersecurity is becoming something essential that every young generation with access to the internet, or access to phones, should know.”