“I think my proudest accomplishment is … becoming top seven varsity in Cross Country …”


Jessica Huddleston

Nayana Singh

“I think my proudest accomplishment is probably becoming top seven varsity in Cross Country just because that’s a really hard thing to get, and like I train really hard for it, and managing my time with academics and everything, and  I’m taking a lot of weighted classes, but I think my biggest accomplishment is definitely just running, and just improving a lot in that.”

“Well, one thing that I really remember is we went to Kenya a few years ago with my family because my grandma was born and raised there, and so we got to see her old school, and it was still standing and it was still there and that was just really cool to see because it kind of,  awakened me to seeing a different way of life and just how much things have changed in this country, but in Kenya things haven’t changed much and how people still go to that same school.”

“I’d say the most adventurous thing is honestly going to Kenya because that’s not exactly the safest country to go to, and my family went after there was some recent bombings and stuff, so I’d say that is probably the most adventurous kind of thing that we’ve done, and we went on, safaris and we were driving by lions, so I’d say that was pretty adventurous.” 

“I think my biggest struggle right now is that I’m taking six weighted classes, so like time management is really hard with Cross Country and academics, and also having a social life and having fun and so I think my biggest struggle is like managing my time.”

“In ten years I see myself, well I want to, I definitely want to go to college, like I’m definitely going to, and then afterwards, I’m planning on going to medical school and becoming a doctor, so maybe ten years from now I see myself as a doctor, and hopefully married, and, married to a good person, and it is like a happy marriage and everything and a happy life. I guess, I just see myself being really, really happy with everything I have.”

“I remember every morning when I was little, I used to cry until I found my mom, she would be  anywhere around the house, but I would cry, like I would ball my eyes out until I found her, and as soon as I found her I would stop crying.”

“I spend my downtime running, but whenever I’m not running I would spend my downtime just hanging out with people and socializing, just because I feel like a lot of fun, but I’d say I don’t have a lot of time for that, so most of my downtime these days is just spent running.”

“In high school, I’d say the rest of my goals is to get probably straight A’s, hopefully, even in my weighted classes, and make a lot of friends, and just honestly just be really happy, because I feel like that’s the most important thing … that’s just one of the biggest things in life to get you really far, and then my goals would just be just having fun and enjoying my time in school, and . . . I also want to improve so much in running, like I really want to get 5k’s in the twenty minutes, so that’s a big goal, huge goal of mine, actually.”

“I think I’m known for, I don’t know, probably in terms of running maybe, because I think a lot of people see me as a runner.”

“I think people… say I’m pretty because I don’t know, I feel like I am, and then people, I think people say I’m really athletic, I look like I’m fast, I don’t know if that’s true, but I don’t know, and then I feel like people say I’m smart, so that’s really sweet of people.”

“I’d say one of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced is probably losing my dog last year to bone cancer. She was only two years old when she was diagnosed and she died pretty shortly after because we had to put her down, but it was just devastating to see her go from like this happy puppy running around everywhere, jumping on you, to not being able to move very much, and it was devastating to see her in that much pain, and it honestly really hurt me and I just think about how much pain she was in, and how much, how hard that was for her, so I think that was probably the hardest time.”

“I think my family and I really bonded over that though. I think that we all knew we were feeling the same emotions about that, so I think that helped us get through it.”

“That everything is going to work out, even if you don’t get upset over the small things, because the small things don’t mean much … they don’t mean as much to the big picture, so just focus on what’s important to you, and be happy, honestly.”

“I’d say my favorite thing about myself is that I’m a really positive person, I try to be really optimistic and I just try to see the good in everything instead of the bad.”

“My biggest role model is my mom because she has really done a lot for me. She’s really good at parenting because she doesn’t put, controls on me, like she’s not controlling at all, but she’s really like,  ‘I advise you not to do that,’ and I think that her doing that really makes my brother and I want to listen because she’s giving less what she would do, and more than what she would do in our situation, rather than what she wants us to do, so then I feel like that is one of the best things about my mom that I love and that, my mom, she’s just an amazing person, and she’s so sweet, she’s super pretty, she’s athletic, she runs every day, even though she is so much older, and she’s just honestly such a great person, and I’d idolize to be like her.”

“I haven’t ever tried ziplining. That sounds like so much fun, I went to Costa Rica a few years ago, and we didn’t do the ziplining because, I don’t even know why, but if I could, I would go ziplining, or maybe skydiving, or  jumping. Is that what it is; like when you jump out of a plane? Is that skydiving? . . . Yeah. I’d do like skydiving because that sounds like a lot of fun, and I’d really enjoy that. I don’t know. It seems scary though because I don’t want to break any of my bones because I really need it for running.”

“I would spend the twenty-four hours probably with my family to tell them how much they mean to me because my family has done so much for me, like more than they’ll ever actually know, and I honestly couldn’t be more thankful to them for what they’ve done for me, like my mom, raising me and everything like that, like how much time she’s put, taken from her life to give to mine, so I feel like that is something that I definitely want to do.”

“One time, in Cross Country last year we were going through … like we’re all kind of crazy and stuff after a meet, so we were going through a drive thru, but we got out of the car, and we were walking through the drive thru, and so they yelled at us, and they were like, ‘You can’t walk through the drive thru,’ and so we were like ‘Okay, let’s just get back in the car,’ so we got in the car, but there were like eight of us, and like a car that only seats five, and so … I remember there were five people in the back … and that I was sitting on top of everyone and there were two in the front and I just remember that like, that was such a crazy time because I was laying on top of everyone, so I guess that was really funny.”

“Honestly I don’t think I have. I don’t think I have any regrets.”

“I don’t know if I have anything that no one knows about me, let me think . . . no one knows that, I don’t know.”