“I took easy classes, I’m taking the easy way out, pretty much …”


Chloe Entrican

Marina Carty

Senior Year:

“I say it’s been the best year so far, definitely. Senioritis hasn’t kicked in though, so I’m kinda scared for that to happen. But, otherwise the classes are pretty easy, depending on what you take, so, I like it … I took easy classes, I’m taking the easy way out, pretty much … I think there’s more pressure on you junior year because that’s when the teachers are really like, you gotta look good for college. They’re like that this year too, but it just starts junior year … SAT, ACT, and thinking of where to go … I’m scared, cause I have nothing planned out. I’m just kinda going with the flow. I know that I’m not going to make my decision anytime soon, but I think that after I get more work experience and figure things out, I think I’ll know after a certain while.”

College and Career:

“I’m stuck between going to the University of Reno or moving straight to Las Vegas with my boyfriend and just going to the University of Las Vegas … Actually, I made my decision this year and that’s only because I went to the college talk thing for the University of Reno. I could go there pretty cheap compared to other places, so, that’s why. I’m debating between working with criminal justice, but my mom wants me to go more towards social work cause that’s for the government and you can get like retirement. My grandma was a sheriff and so, she’s still really interested in criminal justice too. And so she got me into it. She says I could not maybe be a detective, but I could help with stuff like that.”

Friends and Memories:

“Hanging out with my friends is important. Yeah, we’re all going to separate after this … Sometimes when we hang out, we try going to this tree house, that’s kinda by Lincoln, but I don’t know. It’s a restricted area, but we didn’t know it at the time. We tried to go there and one of my friends fell into a lake … (laughs) … and we just had to go back because her phone was ruined and everything, but it was so funny …”

“I had a lot of friend drama last year … like some friends not liking other people and like they’re making,  creating their own drama and trying to make everyone hate each other … So, that also kinda added to the difficulties, but I’m staying away from all that … Now it’s kinda smaller, but it’s together. I prefer it now, cause we all actually hang out together, not in groups.”