“I would go home and just want to stay in my bed cause of how horrible my homework load was …”


Nayana Singh

Jessica Huddleston

“I am an elementary TA so I always go every last block on blue days and help out the kids and they have just been so awesome. There was just this one time when this girl came up to me and gave me a hug at the end of the day as she was leaving and it was just an awesome time.”

“University of Northern Colorado. I actually just got accepted last Friday morning before 5 o’clock in the morning and it was really crazy. I didn’t tell my family until the end of the day which was really hard … cause I wanted to tell everyone at the same time.”

“I would say just my classes. I calculated earlier that like half of my classes that want me to do public speaking and I am an introvert, and I don’t really like that, whether its like participating in discussions or sometimes interviews or anything, I just get really anxious, so combating that and trying to get the best grade that I can and with knowing how uncomfortable I am it is a tough balance”

“A little bit definitely with even like the journalism interviews even cause I am so nervous to go out there cause but then I know I have to if I want the credit for it. And the more that we do it, the more comfortable that I’ll get, so maybe I won’t be as much as an introvert going into college, which will be really nice.”

“Probably dealing with all my anxieties especially my junior year cause I would go home and just want to stay in my bed cause of how horrible my homework load was and like sophomore year dealing with like AP World outlines that took like what seven hours and just having to like calm myself down but the fact that I was so anxious so that made my life even harder.”

“A lot of time junior year it was working out. I went to this local place and they would have classes every night and I would just be so excited for the nights where I could go workout and I would feel a whole lot better the next day.”