A thrilling show with twists of the century

The Umbrella Academy Review


Shows, especially shows on Netflix, tend to give you all the information and none of the suspense. They like to tell you how to feel through background laughing and lovable characters; The Umbrella Academy is very different however.

The show is basically about a millionaire who buys 7 babies with “abilities” and trains them to become crime fighting kids called ‘The Umbrella Academy. They all have a variety of powers and their names are just number 1-7. They eventually got real names but their dad never called them by their real names.

Number 5, a sarcastic teen, has the ability to jump through time but when he gets stuck in the destroyed future with no way out he is forced to live as the last man on earth. Eventually when he is 53 years old he goes back to when all the other kids are in their 20’s.

Time traveling was unfortunate for him because he is a 53 year old man stuck in a 14 year old’s body. Now that he goes back he has 8 days to try and change the future of events to stop the apocalypse from ever happening. The show is not all about Number 5’s time in the destroyed future though, it only shows a little bit of that. It is mostly about family and stopping the world from coming to an inevitable doom.

The show is an emotional roller coaster that leaves you hanging in suspense around every turn. You will begin to fall in love with some characters you never knew you would like and you will also begin to dislike characters you thought you would like.

The Umbrella Academy will make you wish you had powers of your own and with only one season so far, it will leave you wanting more. Even though it only just recently came out onto Netflix, it has been getting great reviews. It also has a 76% for the rotten tomatoes website.