Antarctica in America?

Chicago has record breaking temperatures in late January


The weather in Chicago lately has been a popular subject because of how cold it’s been lately, hitting lows of around negative 50 degrees.

As a result of the literally freezing weather, citizens were encouraged to stay indoors, as being outside for more than 10 minutes could lead the individual to suffer from hypothermia. Being out in this weather for any longer can even be life-threatening.

With such cold weather arises numerous problems for the city’s inhabitants. People who wore contacts were forced to wear protective goggles to keep their contacts from freezing. Even the average person’s eyes could easily freeze shut.

Along with causing sickness and lack of sight, many people were unable to go into work or even outside.

One main concern of the citizens in the homeless population.  Without homes or shelter, many homeless people sought shelter with friends while others were donated tents and space heaters to help them survive the night.  

Overall, Antarctica has some competition now for record cold temperatures this year.