Human Decency

The importance of being kind to others


Tall, nice, curly hair. Something people think of when they hear the name Keith McLean. A bland answer for someone who is much more than those three words. Rarely do you ever see someone like Keith, friends with any type of person you can think of, and there’s a reason for it

”If I could change anything i’d probably be kinder to people, i’m not mean to anyone but I guess be more open.” Keith said. He’s on a mission to talk to kids who don’t usually talk in class or at all. Wanting to make everyone feel welcomed

“He has human decency”  Said a friend of Keiths,”…I guess that’s how I would describe him” Something that should be so normal to teens and adults but isn’t often seen as much anymore. Human decency. It could be it’s the way he was raised or the way he likes to look on the happier side, It doesn’t matter where this nice side of him came from, The one thing that matters is that he has this side of him and wants to share it with the world.

There are many words to describe Keith. He calls himself tall others may call him nice. The one thing you can’t deny about him though, is his human decency