The Government Shutdown Continues

Is That Really Such A Bad Thing?


The current partial government shutdown, which began on December 22, is the longest in US history, with no end in sight. While the average citizen is unaffected by this, the government itself has been struggling with internal issues that have been detrimental for its 800,000 federal workers.

Previously, the record for longest shutdown belonged to the Clinton administration in 1995. It lasted a little over three weeks.   

President Donald Trump has claimed liability for the shutdown (live meeting with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi) as a form of protest against the Democratic congress for refusing to fund his border wall. He insists it will deter illegal immigrants and is a necessity for national security, to the point of considering a national emergency to fund it.

Furloughed federal workers, who are expected to miss their second paycheck soon, are often cited as an argument for opening the shutdown. While Trump’s decision comes off as a tantrum more than anything else, it is also important to note how federal workers are paid.

Many proponents of the shutdown believe their taxes should not be used to pay federal workers in the first place, as they did not consent to many of the government services provided in the first place, or believe they would be handled better by private third parties.   

To some, the government shutdown highlights the lack of necessity of government in many areas. This is not a call for anarchy (for most), but a desire to have their money spent in the manner, they, not an elected official without their citizen’s best interests in mind, see fit.

If it lasts long enough, maybe more people will begin to question the need for certain government services and agencies. In the meantime, sit back and grab some popcorn as the government shutdown continues.


The government has temporarily been opened until February 15. President Donald Trump has stated it will either be shut down again on that date, or a national emergency will be declared to acquire the funding.