United Once More

Brexit Dies With Resignation Of Prime Minister

United Once More

Alejandro Gonzales

The European union formed in the early 90’s in an effort to prevent future wars between neighboring countries. The Uk became dissatisfied in 2016 and decided they wanted to separate from the EU. This movement has been dubbed Brexit.  

Three years later, Brexit  has officially been deemed a failure. In light of this, British Prime Minister Theresa May has announced her resignation, effective June 7. The latest approval rating shows a mere 20% of the country supporting her.

Pre-Brexit Theresa May was relatively popular among her citizens. Last October 67 percent of conservative voters held a favorable view of May. Around 2017 her approval began to dip due to the public disliking her handling of Brexit.

By the time she gave her resignation speech half of the country wanted her out of office. Controversial politician Boris Johnson is currently the favored choice of UK conservatives, however it is not clear when the next election will be held.

“We are not preparing for and we do not want a general election,” but it’s still a possibility. It may prove to be the only way to break the impasse,” says a Downing Street Spokesman.