A New Addition to Our Family

RHS alumni returns to fill counselor position


Mrs. Morgan Schafer is one of Rocklin High School’s newest counselors and to make things more interesting, she is a former student.

Mrs. Schafer had a positive experience at RHS. Some moments were harder than others while going through the reality of a teenager. Many kids will say that high school is pointless and nothing we do here is useful. However, Mrs. Schafer says that she became successful through having a closer connection with the school in sports, school activities, and building relationships to her teachers.

Having gone through RHS herself, she has lots of advice for students on how to have a successful high school experience.

“One piece of advice I would give is to use this time in your life to explore different careers and just keep an open mind in general. I wish someone had told me that it is ok if you don’t know your career path yet.  I encourage you to keep an open mind and use the resources on campus to explore and discover your passion.”

Being a previous student has its benefits. She says that being an alumni, helps her to “connect and relate to the students on a different level.”

It is clear that our new counselor at RHS, is one to be relied on. She understands the hardships of highschool and is willing to help.

I hope to help students recognize that there is a niche for everyone at Rocklin and that it just takes a little bit of exploration to find out what that is.

Mrs. Schafer is a new member to our community at Rocklin High School and with her insights to RHS campus life she brings a different perspective to our school’s administration.