College Football Playoffs Preview

A look-in on the CFP

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College Football Playoffs Preview

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The regular season for College Football just ended and that means one thing: playoff time. The best four teams are selected to play in the playoffs and compete for the championship.

Making the playoffs isn’t determined by record, but by a selection committee comprised of experts on college football. Sometimes team’s will go undefeated, but they don’t make the playoffs due to their strength of schedule or who they play.

Most of the time, schools from the Power 5 conferences (PAC 12, SEC, ACC, B1G, BIG 12) make the playoffs. Schools from other conferences have a harder time making the playoffs due to them not playing as many teams in a powerful conference.

The College Playoffs is divided into three games with the top four teams playing each other in bowl games. This year, Alabama plays University of Oklahoma in the Orange Bowl. Clemson plays Notre dame in the Cotton Bowl.

Alabama is heavily favored to win this year after winning last year’s National championship as well. They steam rolled past competition this year going 13-0 and their closest game being a seven point victory.

Alabama plays Oklahoma who has the Heisman trophy winner, Kyler Murray. After not being in the top four ranking for the entire year, Oklahoma pushed their way into the playoffs the last week of competition when they defeated Texas. Kyler Murray looks to pull  huge upset in defeating the Crimson Tide.

The number two seed, Clemson looks to add another championship playing Notre Dame on December 29th. Clemson won the national championship two years ago after defeating Alabama in the last minutes. Clemson is a powerhouse that could easy upset Alabama if all goes well.

One of the underdogs in this year’s playoffs is Notre Dame. Even though they aren’t in a conference, they went undefeated and had a strong schedule. Notre Dame looks for som revenge if it makes it to the championship, because they lost to Alabama in the 2013 national championship.

The CFP wll be packed with action in the last week of 2018. Competition will be fierce, and player will put their bodies on the line for a chance to win.