Soccer Preview

A sneak peak at the new teams and rules for soccer this year


This year’s players for the Rocklin High girls team has a variety of talent through all three levels of teams. It has been a rocky start from the beginning of tryouts, and now going into preseason.

The rules have changed this year for high school soccer. It is now acceptable for a junior to be on JV, for a sophomore to be on the freshman team, and a freshman to be on all three levels. This new rule has made the tryout process stressful for the coaches, and the players.

Throughout the week of tryouts, girls from freshman to juniors are putting their heart and soul into playing for our Rocklin High coaches. The amount of talent and speed on the field was an intense scene for everyone. Coaches had a lot of skilled girls to see and they moved players around each team in order to find the right match for everyone.

Unfortunately, there are a handful of junior players that have not been happy with the final team results. Four junior players have rejected the offer for the JV team, and have decided not to play on the Rocklin team entirely.

With all the new players on each team, it takes time to get to know each and every personality and play style.

The girls, JV coach, Michael Quezada says, “We have a team full of awesome personalities and great talent. I’m looking forward to everything we will accomplish this season.” 

There are a lot more freshman on JV and varsity than last year, but they have the fight and power in them to keep up with the pace. So far, it hasn’t looked great for any of the teams this far in the preseason. There have only been losses and ties so far, against both Roseville and Ponderosa. With the previous air quality and Thanksgiving break, it has been difficult to get enough practice time in. However, after a couple weeks of practicing and playing in the pre season, the teams will be well prepared for battle by the time the real soccer season truly starts.