Escaping a Crisis

New RHS student’s move from Nicaragua


Daily lethal protests. Hundreds of lootings and street battles. Violent political protests around every corner. This is the situation in Nicaragua, and it has hundreds fleeing the country looking for a better life.

For one of these fleeing families, their final destination was a suburban city in California called Rocklin. Right before the start of school, RHS sophomore Jaime Hernandez made the move from the harsh conditions down south.

“Living in Nicaragua was tough because you couldn’t go out since all the time police were outside and they were killing people.”

Jaime’s memories are backed up with evidence; according to, “About 300 people have been killed, mostly by pro-government gunmen.”

“People seem more civilized over here, and there are more good people around. It is a better environment.”

Jaime said that from the time his family left until now, the situation in Nicaragua has never been worse. His parents decided the costs of moving were less than the costs of staying in this struggling country, so they took a plane to the golden state.

“The moving process was simple. We just flew here, and when we got here the situation over there just got worse.”

Though less of a problem than having police constantly outside, Jaime had to adjust to this new and different lifestyle. “It was hard in the beginning, because I needed to get used to it. Everything like school, friends, and people were new so it was kind of tough.”

Coming this winter, you can look for Jaime on the soccer pitch. He had played soccer for three years in Nicaragua, and plans to try out for Rocklin High’s soccer team next week.

From the 505 to the 916, Jaime not only can now call the red white and blue home, but the silver and blue as well.