Olivia Jeffra: Boring and Ambitious

Oliva Jeffra has moved six different times and it has molded her into who she is now

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Olivia Jeffra: Boring and Ambitious

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Rocklin may be the boringest city and have some of the most boring people but every once in awhile you’ll find someone exciting. When asked the question what her life is like she gives me a simple response of “basic.” To most her life isnt, shes ambitious and exciting unlike most people in Rocklin. Olivia Jeffera is everything but basic.

Olivia moved to Rocklin last year. She’s moved all over the place and has grown used to it.

“My parents are actually thinking of retiring so this is probably the last time I move,” Olivia said.

With Rocklin being welcoming to her family so far, she’s really loving it here and is happy that this might be the city she stays in.

She even goes as far by saying “It’s one of the best cities! I love how small it is here.” when describing rocklin.

Moving to different cities and towns can change anyone and that doesn’t exclude Oliva. Moving from city to city, due to money problems, has made her adapted faster to changes. She can brush off the biggest and the smallest changes in her life.

Oliva is ambitious. She wants to be in the movie industry behind the camera. She even wants to write a book like her dad,called The Black Doll. Oliva doesn’t have a normal bucket lists like most people. What’s the fun in jumping out of a plane if you could direct a movie or write a book.

Olivas life isn’t ‘basic’ It’s different. Not everyone can say they have moved to 6 different cities and went through six different schools. Not everyone wants to create a movie or even thinks about that. Her life, to someone who has lived in the same town for 14 years, is exciting and unexpected. Olivia Jeffra’s life is everything but basic