Joshua Lucho: Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

Joshua Lucho opens up on his role on the cheer team


It takes a lot of courage to try something new and step outside your comfort zone.  Joshua Lucho, a member of the J.V cheer team, knows what this is like. When his gymnastics coach switched to teaching cheer he jumped on the opportunity, even though he’d never done it before knowing it could be a fun experience.  

“I still talk to my old coach” Joshua said.  “He just recently choreographed one of my routines.”

Most can agree the Joshuas performances get an abundant amount of cheering from the crowd.

“I love performing in gymnastics and cheer, It feels really cool having people cheer you, and your team on.”

Some people struggle with balancing a sport and school but Joshua doesn’t usually have this problem because he stays on task and when he is not busy he studies and get his work done.

Lastly we asked Joshua for some advice to anyone who was considering doing something new and outside their comfort zone and he said,

“It’s always going to be hard stepping out of your comfort zone, but you should always do it, because trying new thing is good for you and you never know how much you would like it if you don’t try.