Rebecca Ryan: Racking Up the Ball

Rebecca Ryan unintentionally discovers her new passion for tennis.


Sports can always drag out the best parts of people, be it their passions or their hidden talents that they never knew they had. Rebecca Ryan, a freshman, said that she never really felt connected to sports and the people that came with it, and almost gave up on the search for some kind of passion.

She’s been trying for a long time to find a passion that could get her excited to do something, but never found it until finding a passion wasn’t even her goal in mind. It was an on and off thing, but now it isn’t.

While browsing the internet one day, she spied an advertisement on her school’s website advertising a summer camp called ‘Rocklin Tennis Camp’ where people would be, as the name says, learning tennis. Finding it interesting, she decided to go with her best friend.

She had intended for it to just be a fun random trip, but when she actually tried tennis for the first time at camp, she got hooked. It was something she’s never played before, but she still wanted to give it a try with her best friend.

“It was nice to finally find something fun that interested me, while also exercising,” said Rebecca.

She admitted to not being the best at first, starting out as a beginner with little tennis skills. She didn’t mind it at all, appreciating the slow progress that shaped her into the player she is today.

“It’s nice to see how I can get better after trying so hard to be better,” said Rebecca.

She feels confident she will continue on with this sport in the future, saying it’s a very important part of her life.