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Preview of upcoming year of Duke’s basketball team

Andrew Woodward

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With the top three recruits in the class of 2018, Duke Basketball is looking to make a run for a national championship. Run by Mike Krzyzewski, a Hall of Fame coach with five national championships, The Duke basketball team is shaping up to be one of the most hyped teams of all time with star players like Zion Williamson, Cam Reddish, and R.J. Barrett. According to the 2018-19 CBS Sports College Basketball preseason rankings, Duke is at third on their list.

Duke is losing its entire starting lineup. But the recruiting class is again loaded,” Gary Parrish, a CBS Sports writer said.

Here’s a preview of a potential starting lineup below:


Point Guard (PG): Tre Jones -Freshman

Tre Jones comes from a family of basketball players with his brother Tyus recently graduating from Duke, and is now playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves. Standing at 6’2”, 185 lbs, Tre is an ideal point guard with his high basketball I.Q. His intangibles such as commitment, leadership, and hard work, however make him a top two player in his position.

Shooting Guard (SG): Cam Reddish -Freshman

Cam Reddish is one of the most well rounded players in the class of 2018. At number three in his class, Cam is one of the top prospects. He has an outstanding wingspan of 7’1” while standing at 6’7”. Cam can do it all. He can play off the ball to get his shot, he can pass, and he can dribble all at a professional level. The only weakness Cam has is his effort. However coach Mike Krzyzewski can easily fix that.

Small Forward (SF): R.J. Barrett -Freshman

The top ranked player in the class of 2018. R.J.’s skills directly translate to a professional level. R.J is a prolific scorer, with little to no holes in his offensive game. Coming from Toronto, Canada, Barrett is different from all other players on Duke. Barrett isn’t afraid of contact, making him an excellent shot blocker at the rim. His greatest strength is transition offense, he can jump, crossover, or shoot it at anytime while on the fastbreak with no flaws.

Power Forward (PF): Zion Williamson -Freshman

Arguably the most hyped up player in college basketball, Zion has more media attention than all other players on Duke combined. All this attention is well deserved however. Zion has an outstanding vertical at 40” while standing at 6’7”. His dunks frequently put him on ESPN, or BallIsLife on YouTube. His thickened frame of 285 Lbs makes it easy for him to bully other players in his position when backing down, or driving the lane on a player.

Center (C): Javin Delaurier -Junior

As the only returning player in this starting lineup, Javin will be the mentor to this lineup. Coming off a year at Duke of playing only twelve minutes a game, Javin will get more minutes playing as the big man for the highly skillful Duke team.


Duke will have an impressive team with high expectations. Some may say anything less than a national championship will be a failure. All eyes will be on Duke this year as they compete. No matter what they do it will be impressive to see such skill and talent all working together for a common goal.

More than likely, they will only be one and done players, and be off to the NBA next year. Overall, Duke will have an interesting team to watch, with high expectations of winning it all.

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