Freshman Takeover

Rocklin’s population is increasing with each new class


Andrew Woodward

This year’s freshmen class has over 600 students, which alone is larger than the elementary and charter schools throughout the area. Making up over 28% of the student population at Rocklin, the freshman class is the biggest class in over a decade.

For starters, the class sizes are larger in some select classes. With 614 students in the freshman class, it has caused almost all classes to be filled. The size of the school can not hold this many students without counseling and schedule errors.

Another problem is fitting in the gym for rallies and assemblies. The maximum occupancy for the bleachers opened in the gym is 1,360 students. With around 2,145 students enrolled at Rocklin High, there are about 800 more students than the maximum occupancy.

Parking before and after school becomes harder now as well. With more freshmen at the school than any other class, traffic in the mornings and afternoon has increased. Along with street traffic there is also increased traffic in the hallways with so many students getting to their next class. Even the seniors face 15 minute traffic to exit the parking lot after third block.

Each year, Rocklin’s population increases. With that comes more students at Rocklin and Whitney High.

There will be many options for Rocklin in the future, whether they decide to build a larger campus, keep the campus the same size, or even build a completely new school.

Whatever happens in the future, it should prove to be interesting. For now Rocklin High’s population will continue to grow each year with more students coming in.