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Selected Juniors of Rocklin High School Gear up to Prepare for This Year’s Graduation

Cheerful students throwing graduation caps in the Air

Cheerful students throwing graduation caps in the Air

Cheerful students throwing graduation caps in the Air

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Rocklin High’s honor guard represents the school’s finest students. The students who work hard to reach the top of their class, and feel confident in representing their school. Honor guard consists of ten boys and ten girls from the junior class, who participate in this year’s graduation and begin to prepare the ceremony for next year.

Renata Peperkorn felt “very honored and honestly surprised to be chosen for honor guard.”

“I always imagined the honor guard as people who were super involved students at Rocklin through academics, clubs and other activities. I am active at Rocklin, but most of my involvement is through music rather than any clubs. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the honor guard was for people who were leaders and involved on campus through many different aspects including music. I hope to be able to keep up with the expectations of honor guard by continuing to work hard on my academics and music.”

Renata hopes to fulfill her role as a leader by “time management and the positive encouragement from my peers, teachers and family.”

Isaiah Garcia’s reaction was similar to Renata’s in that he “felt surprised because there was a large amount of people in my class that applied, and everyone that applied had a chance of being a member on honor guard.”

“In order to maintain these high expectations, I think I have to continue being myself. Obviously, I am going to work hard and balance my workload efficiently, but there’s no reason to change,” Isaiah adds.

In contrast to Renata and Isaiah, Madison Haydn Myer was not surprised to have been chosen for honor guard.

“I think it’s cool that I was chosen, but I’ve worked for being at that sort of a standard, so it’s more of a validation. I don’t think it’ll be too hard to keep up, because it’s what I’ve been doing, but these next few months are going to determine a lot of my future, and that’s stressful.”

Avery Streater felt “honored (no pun intended)” to have been chosen for this esteemed position. In order to keep up with the expectations, he says he is “going to continue doing what [he has] always done and work [his] hardest on school, because that’s what got [him] into [honor guard] in the first place.”

These are just four of the twenty hard working students that have been rightfully chosen to represent Rocklin High School’s finest and they hope to proudly represent our school. 

The students on honor guard include Jalen Archer, Isaiah Garcia, Liam Mays, Maxwell Miller, Alexander Pitts, Connor Rapelje, Joshua Silverio, Benjamin Spiess, Avery Streater, Cole Wyant, Lorin Danielsen, Madison Haydn Myer, Natasha Henmi, Samantha Illustrisimo, Minji Kim, Allison McCrary, Taylor Melchiori, Renata Peperkorn, Shreshta Redlam, and Janae Schmidt.

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