New Album, New Taylor

You’ll get a bad reputation if you don’t listen to Taylor’s new album


Angela Passalacqua

Taylor Swift is back with a completely different vibe.

Swift released her “1989” album over three years ago, claiming that she has said farewell to country music, and was focusing on pop culture. However, on November 10th, she released her new album “Reputation” that states that “the old Taylor is dead.”

Swift has written over 90 songs not including her 70 unreleased songs.

She has five albums, “Taylor Swift”, “Fearless”, “Speak Now”, “Red”, and “1989.” When Swift realeased “Red” it instantly sold over a million copies in just one week. While “1989” was the best selling album in 2014 despite being released towards the end of the year.

“Reputation” is the sixth album by singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift. There are supposedly 15 tracks on the new album, three of which we’ve already got a sneak peak of.  

The most famous of her songs from “Reputation” is “Look What You Made Me Do”  which has the perfect balance of pop and allows Swift to show her edgy, dark side. From the first line, “I don’t like your little games” Swift shows her fans just how much she’s changed.

The song isn’t the only thing that has people talking. The “Look What You Made Me Do” music video has 680,103,053 views and counting.

The start of the video takes place in a cemetery, with Swift as a zombie. At the end of the video, we see all of Swift’s old personalities such as the dorky teen from “You Belong With Me” and the ballerina from “Shake It Off” symbolizing that the old Swift is gone, and we’re looking at a new era of Swift music.

With Taylor Swift’s new music vibe, she’s bound to attract more fans. However, we’re hoping she won’t forget about her old albums, because the old Taylor is what made her a role model and a music icon in the first place. But many are excited to see what’s in store for Taylor Swift’s career.