Icing on the Cupcake Closes its Doors

Economic hardships leave Rocklins favorite cupcake shop forced to close its doors.

Icing on the Cupcake Closes its Doors

Icing on the Cupcake, the one and only cupcake shop in Rocklin, is closing its doors on January 19 due to economic hardships. The shop opened up in 2007 and since then it has expanded to three locations in Rocklin, Folsom, and Sacramento.

Since its opening, Icing on the Cupcake has become a trademark name in the Rocklin area. Their cupcakes are famous for their variety in flavors and of course, the whopping amount of frosting that top them.  Icing on the Cupcake has employed multiple students from Rocklin as well as become a huge presence at celebrations in our community.

Christee Owens, the owner of Icing on the Cupcake opened their first location on Pacific St. in hopes to bring cupcakes and smiles to multiple communities, sticking true to their “everyone deserves a cupcake” motto.

Owens began baking at a young age and has loved seeing family recipes become available to the public at each and every store, “My favorite part has been watching the company grow as each community embraces our fun little stores.  It makes me proud to know that we touch lives and create smiles for so many,” said Owens.

Due to their seemingly large success, a shock occurred when the bakery announced its closing on their facebook page earlier this week. In fact, the response was so overwhelming that the Rocklin location actually sold out on Thursday as everyone rushed to say goodbye to a favorite bakery.

“I’m going to miss Icing on the Cupcake because every year on my birthday my mom goes there and buys me cupcakes, plus I go there almost every week,” Aubrey Wilson, a senior, remarked on the store’s closing.

In order to go out with a bang, Icing on the Cupcake will be baking several of their “flavors of the month” throughout this next week to allow loyal customers to taste their favorites one last time:

Saturday 1/11- Caramel Corn

Sunday 1/12- Red Hot

Monday 1/13- Sweet Potato

Tuesday 1/14- Rootbeer

Wednesday 1/15- Tropical Dream

Thursday 1/16- Neapolitan

Friday 1/17- Eggnog

Saturday 1/18- Red Hot

Sunday 1/19- Caramel Corn

The owners of Icing on the Cupcake took the time to say goodbye to all their supporters on their facebook page,“We cannot thank you, our fans, enough for your support and loyalty. We consider all of you a part of our Icing family. We have enjoyed every second of our time in your community and have loved being a part of your celebrations through the years.”