Stressful. Unpredictable. Welcome to this Senior’s 2020 School Year.

School Is Already Hard. In The Middle Of A Pandemic, It’s Even Harder.


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A Seed of Change
April 29, 2022

Photo provided by Marni Bauer

This is an incredibly stressful time for students and staff alike. Everyone is struggling, and no one knows what is coming next. As COVID-19 cases continue to skyrocket, seniors all across the country try and enjoy their last year as high school students.

Rocklin High School Senior, Marni Bauer on October 15 discussed some of the difficult things that seniors are facing, such as applying to colleges during a pandemic, staying optimistic, and uncertainty about upcoming sports seasons. “It feels really demanding right now because I am trying to get recruited to swim in college, and it’s pretty stressful because I can’t have coaches come watch me at events or anything, because there’s nothing right now. I’m also trying to apply to UC’s and more advanced schools, so having to write the essays to apply and also having AP classes and practice is just consuming my life.” 

I can’t have coaches come watch me at events or anything, because there’s nothing right now…

However, Marni voices that the pandemic has taught her how to “be optimistic and not worry or get too engrossed in what’s going on in the world, and find joy in what I have and how life is now and know that it is going to get better.” Quite often for seniors, their last sports season is really meaningful. It’s the last time they’ll represent Rocklin High School in their sport. The swimmer and water polo player is positive and hopeful that the upcoming swim and water polo seasons will “have some normalcy to it, so that I can have some last meets and games that are like the old days.”