A Storm is Brewing

Rocklin High School’s student section plans big things for the future of RHS’s student spirit.


The blacked-out Storm shows up to support RHS in the first home game of the season. Captured by Mackenzie Henderson.

As the Friday Night Lights come on, the Storm comes alive with cheers and school pride oozing from the student section in the stands. The Storm is Rocklin High School’s (RHS) school spirit section. It’s presence is largest at the home football games and large sporting events, the designated area is for students only and is a way for the student body to show their support for fellow classmates.

This year the Storm leaders are stepping it up. Improving the Storm from previous years, making it larger, louder and more engaging. Senior leaders Grace Rogers, Taylor Hall and Casey Miller plan on leaving RHS with a legacy. 

Through the help of the Athletic Leadership class, as well as the RHS Athletics staff, the Storm plans on creating new traditions for RHS.

“I’ve seen the videos of other schools and their student sections and the energy and excitement looks like it would be unforgettable. Our school never really had that, that was one big part of the high school experience I thought I was missing out on.  It’s usually been showing up and talking and watching the game a little and leaving at half time,” Casey said.

As storm leader, Casey along with Grace and Taylor, lead chants, play music and keep the crowd engaged throughout the game. Outside of the football games, the leaders also work to decide dress up themes, music playlists and game days t-shirts.

“We just want it to be different than it ever has been. We want to change the tradition of the Storm, not only for us to have a fun year, but also for the next year. We want to start new traditions, so people are excited to continue them next year,” Taylor explained.

So far the Storm is starting the year off with a bang. The Storm committee began posting announcements promoting the first home football game on the storm Instagram account (@rocklinstorm), encouraing students to show up in all black to support the RHS football team.   The committee even created game shirts for this ‘blackout’ theme and sold them at lunch Thursday before the game, 150 shirts were gone within minutes. 

“When the shirts sold out in minutes we were like ‘Wow, this is actually real. This is happening.’ As soon as we got [to the game] and did our first chant we knew it was going to be different this year,” Grace said. 

The first home game saw a significant increase in attendance and participation throughout the entire game with the student section full and crowded, compared to past games. The energy and excitement of the student body surprised students and staff alike.

“In the last 26 years of this school, I have never seen a better student section,” RHS teacher Mr. Dale Eckenburg noted.

“We noticed that after the game ended, the stands were still full. That’s something we haven’t seen in awhile, so that made us feel good,” Casey said.

The game caught attention from Sacramento Bee journalist, Cameron Salerno. After doing an unofficial poll on his Instagram page, RHS Storm won best student section in the Sacramento Area, beating out other notable student sections such as Lincoln, Whitney and Granite Bay.

The Storm leaders attribute their success to the spirit and enthusiasm of the student body, as well as the support of the RHS Athletic Department, especially the Athletic Leadership class.

The Athletic Leadership began as a way for students to have a leadership role on campus outside of Associated Student Body (ASB). The program became a class last year and is already growing to be an influential program on campus.

With the support of Mr. Jeff Harter and Athletic Director Mr. Ryan Spears, the class has played a large role in the success of this year’s Storm

“Honestly, without Harter and Spears and Athletic Leadership none of this would have happened. It was not just one single person that brought the energy, every single person in the class wants to make it better, it’s such a cool feeling to be apart of it,” Grace explains.

“We got up there and started chants but behind the scenes, all the work that went into it was not just us, it was also Athletic Leadership. [The class] is so new, but everyone is working so hard,” Taylor adds.

The hard work of the Athletic Leadership is paying off. RHS students are excited for this year’s football season and are continuing to show support for the Storm. 

This Thursday, students lined up during plus period to purchase their USA game day t-shirt to wear at tonight’s game. The Storm sold out of all their red game day shirts and were left with only a few medium, large and extra-large blue shirts by the end of lunch.

“I want people to know without them and without their support, and without them coming to the games and being energetic we wouldn’t be where we are now. Keep coming to the games, keep up all the energy because that’s the reason we are doing so well,” Taylor said.

To continue the energy and enthusiasm of the Storm, leaders urge students to come out and support the teams tonight. Junior Varsity begins at 4:45, and Varsity will begin at 7:00. This week’s game is a special tribute to the anniversary of 9/11.  

Athletic Leadership has organized the Touch-a-Truck fundraiser to raise money for first responders still suffering from health conditions attributed to the tragedy of 9/11. The dress up theme for the game is USA, and anyone who dresses as a first responder will receive free admission to the game.

Athletic Leadership and the Storm committee has shown that a few students can have a huge impact on campus. High School only lasts four years, once it’s over, it’s over, and whether you enjoy it or not, you can’t get the time back once it’s gone. 

“Get into it, if you are a freshman and you think, ‘It’s a school function, it’s no fun,’ you are really missing out. You will remember this forever, you will look back and see videos of people singing and being excited, you will regret not being apart of it. Make the most of the time you have and really try and enjoy it,” Casey said.