Student Media Says Farewell

Casey Nichols To Retire


After 36 years of teaching, 25 of which have been spent in high school, student media teacher Casey Nichols is retiring. His long journey, from working for a daily paper, to studying to be a P.E. teacher and coaching middle school basketball, has come to an end.  

What will you miss most about teaching here?

“The people. I will miss my peers because I think it’s a great staff and grade-A hardworking people. Mostly, honestly hanging around teenagers. Teenagers keep me young.”

What advice do you have for the future student media students?

Keep in mind that the skills you use in student media go way beyond journalism. You’re actually preparing yourself for what’s next, meaning college and then career, even if the career has nothing to do with media. Always focus on integrity, being true to who you are, telling the truth, finding the truth.”

What advice do you have for students as people?

“Lead a balanced life. Work first, play second, but make sure you play. Take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually. Nothing is so important that you should push yourself over the edge. That growth comes slowly but steadily.”

How do you feel about the transition, with a new teacher coming in?

“Mr. Rubenstein, who goes by Mr. Ruby, is an outstanding person. He has a great background. I feel very good about student media staying strong and doing some even new exciting things.”