Teacher Appreciation Week

In 2019, the week of may sixth to may tenth, the nation celebrated and thanked their teachers for what they do best


National Teacher awareness week was started in 1984, by the National PTA, always starting on the first full week of May.

The purpose of teacher appreciation week is for students and parents alike to show their appreciation for all of the incredible work their teachers do everyday.

Students were able to show their appreciation in so many ways. They gave cards, gave gifts, sent emails and took the time to actually go talk to their teachers.

In many schools the students and teachers participate this week by doing fun dress-up days and each of the days they show their appreciation towards their teachers.

No matter how big or small, any gesture is acknowledged.

This year at Rocklin, students posted posters on all of the classroom doors, telling every teacher how amazing they are.  

And in other classes, teachers had the students write thank you letters to a teacher that has impacted their school career. In Journalism, the teacher had kids write to a teacher from this year and one from past years.

If you didn’t give thanks to a teacher you had this year or in the past years, try to take the time to do a thoughtful gesture next year.