First Title For Boys Tennis

RHS Varisty Boys Tennis Team comes out on top


Yesterday, May 9th, the Varsity Boys Tennis Team won the Division 2 Section Championship against our cross-town rival, Whitney. They convincingly won with a score of 6-3. This was a huge win for them, as its their first section title. Before their win, the boys tennis team was the only team at Rocklin that had not won a section title before. With this win, RHS can now say that every single sports team has won a section title.

“I’ve only been playing for two years, so it was awesome to be part of the winning team. All of the matches were close matches, so it was pretty intense towards the ends. It was just great to be on the first team to win in this school’s history,” said senior Jalen Archer.

This has been a huge year for our tennis program. Back in November, the girls team won a section and league title.

Twins Emelyn Dizon and Abram Dizon both play tennis for RHS. The girls have won back to back championships, and now Abram gets his win and bragging rights over his sister Emelyn.

“It’s cool that the boys finally won a section championship this year because we’ve never won before. The girls always win so now we have one too,” said senior Abram.

Emelyn went to the match in support of the team and her brother.

“Going to the match was fun! It was such a big thing for them and I was so proud of them because its their first section title. Now me and my brother both have a section title,” said Emelyn.

Great job to the boys tennis team, coming out on top is a huge accomplishment!