Extra Exhaustion

Daylight savings impacts students

Extra Exhaustion

Daylight Savings is back with the annual increase of people calling sick to work, car crashes, and heart attacks. Waking up and it is still dark out and going to bed on school nights with the sun just set. People have mixed emotions how this one hour set forward.

This year, the night of prom had a surprised time change at 2am with it suddenly switching to 3am. Some people still awake were instantly shocked when the clock went from 1:59 to 3:00, forgetting that they lost an hour to sleep.

Most people had the pleasure to sleep in after their big night but some had to wake up early to practice or go to work. Instead of the one hour sleep they needed, they had to wake up an hour earlier which threw everyone’s minds and immune systems out of normality.

Scrolling through tweets on Twitter, an abundance of people are posting about how an extra hour of sunlight will help people’s mentality.

More hours of the sun concludes summer is on its way. As seen on Twitter, most people adore summer so once the time changed, everyone instantly became happier to see the Sun.

Unfortunately, while everyone on Twitter was happy, students at Rocklin High School were distraught and wished for only one more hour which was not received.