Calc Cookie Friday

AP Calculus AB students start a fun tradition early


Mrs. Tara McCullough has a tradition with her AP Calculus students called “Calculus Cookie Friday”. Everytime they have class on a Friday, students bring in cookies to enjoy during class. BC students get to enjoy this tradition the whole year, but AB students only get it second semester.

On the beginning of Calculus Cookie Friday, Mrs. McCullough said, “My husband actually started Calculus Cookie Friday. He is a math teacher at Bear River High School, and back in 2001 he had a student in his class who always baked cookies for the class every Friday. He would bring home the extra cookies and he would say ‘It’s Calculus Cookie Friday.’ Well, I wanted that in my class!”

In 2002, McCullough started ‘CCF’ at Rocklin. Calc Cookie Friday has been a tradition for a long time at Rocklin High School.

This year, she decided to start it a month early for AB students. They are now starting this tradition for the month of December, instead of starting next semester. AB students are excited about it, but BC students are bitter since they did not have this privilege last year.

“I’m excited to start Calc Cookie Friday early because, you know, everyone loves a sweet treat, and I think it will bump up our morale to finish up the Calc year,” said senior Noah Dahla.

BC students feel differently.

“Im very upset about this, cause we had to wait till second semester last year. I think that it’s a Calc BC thing that we should get Calc Cookie Friday during the first semester. So I’m not happy,” said senior Emily Dezzani.

All in all, adding the extra month is only giving the AB students one extra Calc Cookie Friday. It is exciting for them to start earlier, but it really does not make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things.