Why Tik Tok Needs to Stop

The popular app needs to close


Recently, a Chinese company called ByteDance merged with Musical.ly into a new app called Tik Tok. Since, the app has gained massive popularity. Tik Tok is essentially the same thing as Muscial.ly, but re branded.

Tik Tok allows users to share videos of comedy, daily life, dancing, and more, all while music or audio plays in the background. Tik Tok enables users to duet with other users, meaning they can put their videos side by side. Tik Tok is commonly used for comedy, however, it’s getting awful.

It’s difficult to be comedic in only a few seconds when the audience has no clue what’s going on. People regularly play cringey music that adds no relief to their terrible comedic efforts. They make faces to try and make people laugh, but most of the audience members are not four years old, and therefore find no appeal in this sense of humor.

Bullying is also prominent in Tik Tok. When users have a clear defect or something is off, people are quick to leave rude and demeaning comments on their posts.

For example, a video of a woman with missing arms dancing was parodied with an image of a roasted chicken. Users regularly make fun of others without thinking about it.

Overall, Tik Tok has failed to achieve its purpose of entertaining its audiences. However, some do like the app and that is perfectly OK; after all it is one of the most popular apps for a reason, but people are taking the app to far.