Cell Phones- How Far Will You Go?

Cell Phones- How Far Will You Go?

Rocklin High School has completely changed this year. It has provided its students with new resources and privileges. Some of these privileges include schoology, a new dress code and wifi. Just the action of providing these privileges for its students shows mutual trust between the school and its students. However, there is a hint of doubt that some students will cross the line and lose these privileges for all of the student body. Just how far will some students bend the rules?

Rocklin High junior, Marshal Hoffman, and freshman, Darwin Pluta, gave their opinions on cell phone use with wifi and if our new wifi privilege will be abused.


Q: What do you think about wifi being used at our school?

A1(Marshal Hoffman): I think that wifi could be really useful for academics.

A2(Darwin Pluta): I think it’s fun!

Q: Do you see it as a useful resource?

A1:I think it is a useful resource, but possibly distracting for students.

A2: Yes, I can see how it would be useful, but also how it wouldn’t be.

Q: What is your opinion on TA’s using wifi for personal reasons?

A1:I think that the TA’s should be able to use wifi only unless the teacher they TA for ask them to look up something.

A2: I don’t see a problem with it. They don’t really have anything better to do.


Q:What do you predict happening to wifi in the future? Will it stay or will it go?

A1: I think it will stay and grow, but it depends on if the students abuse the privilege.

A2: I have a feeling it will stay, if not, get replaced by something newer and more useful.

Q:Do you believe students will abuse wifi usage?

A1: Some will, but most students will be able to focus with it.

A2: Yes, but not all.