6 Class Schedule

Juniors dream of only taking six classes for their senior year. It is the next best thing to becoming legally independent. However, only students who are committed to attending Sierra College are able to take the minimum of five classes.

When I was a freshman, I was really excited to take all the classes Rocklin High School has to offer, however now that I’m a junior, I realize that taking eight classes is too much. I already have a job after school and homework is a struggle to get done.  I don’t see myself taking eight classes next year considering I want to go to art school. I will still be taking several AP courses, which will be challenging to manage, but rewarding in the future. A benefit to APs are the college credit that comes with passing the AP test.

Students cut back their classes because they will take any opportunity that makes them feel more independent. They also do this because they know they do not need to stress themselves out with extra school work if they plan on obtaining a career that does not require a whole lot of competition.

Furthermore, being able to manage several APs and honors with an eight class schedule is difficult, which leads many “AP students” to sign up for only six classes in order to be successful in each of the classes.

The dream of six classes for senior year is in the making for current juniors.