Not So Marvel-ous?


Shane Byron, Staff Reporter

Are viewers getting annoyed at the large waves of Marvel Studios media?

A large idea that has been spreading around the cinema community is that Marvel has been distributing too much media since 2021. Since 2021 Marvel Studios has released 17 different and unique projects which has overwhelmed some fans. On the opposition, some fans welcome this content. It gives some fans a variety of things to watch but for others its a list of chores. With the intertwining stories of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and many stories that are being told it can confuse viewers and this is a reason behind the increasing idea of a “Marvel Fatigue.” The beauty of the pre-2021 MCU was the quality of story telling between a few projects that connected to each other in a simple way. Because of this abundance of Marvel projects in the last two years it has caused a decrease of quality in return for quantity which has caused many viewers to turn away. Although some movies look visually stunning, the scripts and acting may lack and visa versa.

Another point brought up by fans is that they miss the feel of stability and direction for the MCU which used to be a staple of world building for Marvel. With the MCU’s “phase 4” ending with the second installment of Black Panther, many fans questioned what the direction this immersive world was going into? In past Marvel “phases” it all hinted at the conclusion of their specific “phase” whereas in “phase 4” the only project that showed any hope for future storylines of future team-ups was “Loki.” This uncertainty is causing worry for the future of the MCU. Yes, the plans for “phase 5” and “phase 6” have been announced but how much more “filler” can Marvel entertain its viewers with?

Although Marvel has always pushed threw fan backlash and improved their ways, the amount of fans turning away is alarming. Even with recent success at the box office, many people are looking for the variety of other films and leaving Marvel for the diehard fans. The future of the average viewer’s opinion on the MCU is in the hands of President of Marvel, Kevin Feige and with fans complaining constantly about the “quantity over quality” route that he is headed in, Marvel’s incredible growth could drastically drop in front of the world’s eyes.