Spring Sports, Spring Training

Practice makes perfect. Students involved with sports know that it is a huge commitment. They sacrifice their time, energy and money to play the game they love.

At Rocklin High School, students must have a physical, show proof of medical insurance, sign a concussion information sheet, a voluntary athletic contribution form, get signatures on a yellow clearance sheet, and attend pre-season training in order to play a sport.

Spring sports such as boys golf, baseball, girls soccer, softball, swim, boys tennis, track, and boys volleyball begin on Monday, February 10th. However spring training has been in effect for several weeks in order to condition the players.

The pre-season training is developed to show the players what kind of physical strength is required for these sports on a daily basis. Coaches intensify the drills so players can know where they stand with the shape their bodies are in after the long winter.

Matt Morgan, a sophomore pitcher on the junior varsity baseball team has been playing the sport since he was 6 years old.

“Conditioning is hard work, but it is worth it because it prepares you for the season.”

“It’s optional to go but I think coaches definitively value the players who are willing to get better at it over those who don’t go.”

Conditioning is only an hour after school on select days, however; students are expected to participate in all of the arduous drills. If you are interested in playing a sport at Rocklin High, but are hesitant to sign up, attend the training and get to know the coaches because practice makes perfect.