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A new arrival to Rocklin High School


Jenna Patton

Lacrosse is a new sport that came to Rocklin recently, and girls’ lacrosse is starting their first season in 2020. Other schools in the area have had lacrosse and the girls that play the sport are excited that there is an opportunity to play for a high school this season. 

Girls lacrosse is a spring sport and because the sport is so new to Rocklin, there will only be a JV team this year. There is also a new head coach, Brittani Brothers. The assistant coaches are Rand Peaslee and Steve Wilkins. 

Claire Tew, a three-sport athlete, is looking forward to the spring season and is ready to play lacrosse again. She has played the sport for two years when she lived in San Diego and played on a new club team last year. 

In a recent interview, Claire said, “At first I was really bummed when I heard it wasn’t a high school sport so I got really excited when they decided to make it [one].”

Adding a new sport can be exciting, but athletes are worried about how it could change the dynamic of spring sports. There needs to be a time and space for lacrosse to be practiced. The school has to accommodate both girls and guys’ lacrosse. Students also have another sport to choose from to decide if they want to try something new.

The lacrosse team is open to experienced players and girls that are just starting out. Everyone is welcome. 

Starting a new sport can also be challenging because the new idea needs to be spread across the school for everyone to get to know about it. The season will be tough because it is a new set of girls that will need to bond as a team but they are ready for the challenge. 

“I’m not entirely sure [how the season will go] because it’s a new team but it’ll be fun,” Claire said. 

Preseason conditioning has been in place and the girls and coaches are excited for the season to get going.