Girl’s Golf is a Big Sisterhood

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Girl’s Golf is a Big Sisterhood

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Golf is perceived as an easy sport by the majority of those who have never played it. That assumption is one to be reckoned with, but who can blame the unacquainted critiques? Rocklin High’s girls golf team makes the game look so easy.

The girls golf team is the Rocklin High School’s sports team with highest G.P.A and the only team that are league-defending champions. Team captain, Camille Wagg, has lead the Varsity team with a recent hole in one and low scores, her best a 34 in a nine hole match. In golf, it is ideal to achieve the lowest score possible, the average for women about 57 strokes.

Behind all of the titles and hard work, there is a strong bond between each of the players, especially between the Thorstenson sisters. The three sisters, Megan, Rachel and Katie, are all varsity players and share a bond stronger than anyone else on the team. Of course, the majority of the credit for the strength of their relationship can be given to the fact that they live together.

“Playing golf with my sisters is tons of fun,” says Megan Thorstenson. “They are my best friends and I love being around them, so golfing with them is just like hanging out.”

The girls have played golf since they were four years old and feel as if there couldn’t be a better sport. “It’s really a mental game. You’re playing against yourself and that makes it really hard,” says Megan Thorstenson. ” [When people who have no experience in the game claim it is easy], I tell them to try and hit a tiny ball into a hole three football fields away.”

Sadly, this is the last year that all of  the Thorstensons will be on the golf team. Megan Thorstenson, also a team captain, will be graduating this year with the class of 2014.

“I love playing with Megan, I know that this is my last chance to spend time with her so I’m using all the chances I have,” says Katie Thorstenson. “It’s also really cool because this is the first and last year that half the varsity team are Thorstensons.”

The girls golf team  recently won league for a second year in a row, setting the bar high for competition. They will move on to divisionals, their next match at Sunset Whitney Golf Club.