Wreckin’ Rocklin


Daniela Stuhlert, Staff Reporter

Rocklin High School [RHS] junior Kailey Vu was involved in a car accident on school campus this school year. “So the girl in front of me was in a truck and she had rolled over a curb. Then her tire got caught in front of the curb. Then she tried reversing but she couldn’t because well the curb. So then she hits the gas really hard and reversed right into me”, Vu explained.

These kind of accidents happen fairly often in the parking lot with different measures of expenses. Vu’s accident came to a total of four thousand dollars. She was unaware of how to handle this scenario, but luckily the person who crashed into her was knowledgeable on what to do. Later when asked about what the school can do to improve, she answered, “more parking spaces, …. and the model is really bad” of the parking lot. She has also seen and heard of other accidents occurring in this parking lot.

Junior, Tiernan Vestal, explains how she got into an accident in the Rocklin High School Parking lot. She was bout to turn onto the main street but then, “someone didn’t see her
(me) there and then backed into her (me) and then dented the side of…” her car. She was upset and when asked what she would change, she says just that, “there would be more parking spots so that people weren’t constantly trying to rush out before the parking lot got so full, that there were security cameras in the parking lot so that we could keep track of when theses accidents happen and that everyone knew what to do when you get into an accident because a lot of people don’t know what to do and end up leaving the scene.”

Junior Jordan Ventura, had a small accident in the Rocklin High School parking lot, he share the way it happened, “ Right after school I went to go in my car to get my track clothes and one of the cars hit the back of my car and didn’t really care for it and just drove off without really saying anything.” This affects him because he wasn’t able to get any contact information and he doesn’t as a High School student have the money to afford it. Then he also didn’t know what do in the moment as well, he as shocked. So when asked if he has tried to contact the person who hit him he stated. “I don’t know how to control that situation, I don’t know what I am supposed to do, because it’s just a small scratch on my car but I guess I a m just too nice to go up and tell her because it’s not a big dent.”