Morality Far from Peace

Opinion: Rocklin High Student’s Voices Matter to the Women’s Rights Movement in Iran


Trey Spencer, Staff Reporter

Sometimes it is hard to find the light beyond the mountains that separate us from freedom and justice. This is exactly what the people of Iran are fighting for.

In recent years, the women of Iran have been fighting for their rights and freedoms in the face of a government that has increasingly suppressed their voices. One of the ways the government has attempted to squash this movement is by shutting down the internet in Iran, making it difficult for women to communicate and organize with each other.

“I get worried, my parents get worried about their parents, it’s hard for us to communicate to them,” said Alylin Kalantaripourdarranji.

Despite these obstacles, the women of Iran have not given up the fight. They have taken to the streets, marching and chanting slogans in support of their cause. “It’s fighting for ‘zan’ which means women and their freedom, ‘zindagi’ which means life, then ‘Azadi’ which means freedom,” said Mr. Taghavi.

The internet shutdown has made it difficult for the world to hear the stories of these brave women, but they remain determined to have their voices heard.

“They are fighting for their basic human rights, like they all deserve to,” – Ilyne Kalantaripourdarranji

“Since the shutdown of the internet, it’s our responsibility to be their voice and spread it out throughout the world,” said Mr. Taghavi.

The struggle of Iranian women for freedom is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the power of a community coming together for a common cause. Despite the challenges they face, they remain undaunted and continue to fight for a better future.

The women of Iran are like tigers, fierce and mighty even though they may not be able to speak openly about their beliefs. Despite the efforts of the government to silence them, they continue to roar, fighting for their rights and freedoms. Just like a tiger, they are a force to be reckoned with, and their determination and resilience will not be easily broken. They are the embodiment of strength in the face of adversity, and their courage and unwavering spirit serves as an inspiration to us all.

As the world watches, the women of Iran continue to fight for their rights and their freedoms, a reminder that the desire for freedom and equality is universal and knows no boundaries.

“My wife is actually in Iran right now. Thankfully she is okay, it is a challenge when you have family there because what you hear about here is terrifying, It’s a scary situation for a loved one to be in,” said Mr. Taghavi.

“We are proud to be Iranian, but we are not proud of the government that is in charge of Iran,” he said.