Back 2 the Roots


Lexi Booras, Staff Reporter

I have loved smoothies since I was a little girl. I grew up in the Roseville/Rocklin area where there are many places to go to buy smoothies. Smoothies are a convenient and fast way to put healthy nutrients in your body if you don’t have time for a sit down meal. Realizing the many smoothie places around me makes me ask the question, what place sells the best one?

I decided to put it to the test and try a few different smoothie places around Rocklin. The Placer County area has a lot of different smoothie places, but some can be inconvenient because of how far they are. Finding a good smoothie place near me was my number one goal.

Three different Smoothie places later, I inspected every detail down to staff, service, sanitation, pricing, and of course,the taste. My order was the same at each place to get an equal comparison. My order was a mango smoothie. I took my friend Angie along for the ride with me on this review. The first smoothie place is about 5 minutes away driving distance from Rocklin High School, Nugget Markets. Nugget is actually a grocery store, but I’ve heard they have good smoothies. People that got smoothies behind received their smoothies before us, so Angie and I were a bit frustrated about that. Moreover, they gave out paper straws and within 5 mins I wasn’t able to drink out of my straw anymore because the paper dissolved. Angie’s straw was fine, but I had to take off the lid and drink it. It ruined the whole vibe.

The staff were extremely friendly and the smoothie corner was cute and dainty. The drink was pretty good but it wasn’t anything special. Angie on the other hand, who got a pineapple smoothie, said, “this is probably one of the best smoothies I’ve ever had…I’m definitely coming back here soon.” It was a bit busy when we went so maybe I’ll try it out again when it’s not so busy… and get a plastic straw next time.

The next place I went to is a smoothie staple, Jamba Juice. According to, Jamba is one of the best well known places to get smoothies in the world. Jamba is right by the Nugget so it’s very local. I am very familiar with Jamba Juice since I’ve been going theresince I was a little girl. The cashier person was a bit mean, but I got my drink pretty fast and it tasted really good. You can never go wrong with Jamba Juice. Jamba was very clean and the price was a good deal for a smoothie. I would recommend this place for sure.

The last place I went to was Nekter juice bar which is by Golfland Sunplash. While not as convenient in terms of distance, I heard great reviews about this place so I had to try it. When I walked in Nekter it was very vibrant with white walls, green leaves and neon signs which gave me a good vibe. According to their barista, the mango smoothie is their “top seller and everyone likes it”. I probably had the best smoothie I ever had from there. You can taste almost every ingredient in the smoothie. The staff was extremely kind and the drink came out fast, they even gave me a free T-shirt! Even though this smoothie place is out of the way, I would HIGHLY recommend this place.

Rocklin has countless spots to get smoothies with some just as far as a few minutes away from Rocklin High School. If you’re a person who normally doesn’t get smoothies, I would recommend you start. There are numerous smoothie flavors you can choose from and some places even have food and sweet treats if you are a bit hungry. I believe that our area has some of the best smoothies to drink, but it’s all based on your personal preference of what you like.

Generally speaking, If I was a smoothie connoisseur, I would say Nekter is number one, Jamba Juice is number two, and The Nugget number three. Smoothie places are very common so I’m sure if you venture outside of the Roseville/ Rocklin area, you will find other amazing places to enjoy smoothies.